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About Us

BoomaLacka is a project of the Student Recruitment and Ambassadorship committee, and it is our earnest hope that this website is a great resource in exploring Ouachita campus life, and in discovering if Ouachita is a place that you would someday like to call home.

Why Boomalacka? Soon after Ouachita’s founding in 1886, Boomalacka became the official college cheer. The earliest historical mention of Boomalacka appeared in 1899 in the college’s literary magazine, reporting the aftermath of a highly-contested debate competition with a rival college in the crowded Ouachita College auditorium:

“At last…the decision was announced in favor of Ouachita. Instantly from breathless suspense the building rang with cheers and ‘Boom-a-lacka’ and everyone rushed forward to congratulate the victors…”—Ouachita Ripples, March, 1899.

Boomalacka has been loudly and enthusiastically proclaimed by students on Ouachita’s campus for well over 100 years, and connects today’s students with the many thousands of Ouachitonians who preceded them. Since 2007, Boomalacka has been taught to each entering freshman class during Tigers and Torches, a memorable event introducing new students to the rich history and meaningful traditions of Ouachita and which culminates in the class being named “Tigers for Life.”



Boom-a-lacka, boom-a-lacka!

Bow, wow, wow!

Ching-a-lacka, ching-a-lacka!

Chow, chow, chow!

Boom-a-lacka, ching-a-lacka!

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